If you have experienced a trauma, you may be dealing with a wide range of emotions, mental anguish, and even addiction. Authentic recovery center offers somatic experiencing therapy to help you overcome the effects of trauma and find a path to true healing.

Our PTSD therapy program gives you the tools you need to cope with past trauma and move forward with your life in a healthy manner. A somatic experiencing therapy program in Los Angeles addresses the effects of the trauma that have led to your addiction or are holding you back from a full recovery. Once we assess what is going on inside you, we can then offer the right treatment plan.

Understanding the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

When you experience a trauma, your nervous system kicks into action. While you may not understand this on a scientific level, you do feel it as a ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. In other words, you are going to attempt to resist the experience, or you are going to run from it.

Regardless of how you react to trauma, the lingering effects can control your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors for many years after the initial event. As time goes on, you repress your feelings and emotions in an attempt to cope with your PTSD. However, the longer you suppress the feelings, the more they come out in negative ways: anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, aggression, or shame.

So, the initial reaction in your autonomic nervous system (ANS) ultimately determines the emotional or mental fallout of the event.

How Somatic Experiencing Therapy Helps

Once you begin your sessions at Authentic Recovery Center, a therapist will expose you to traumatic material (some may be similar to the trauma you a group therapy session talking about somatic experiencing therapyexperienced) a little at a time. The therapist will evaluate your emotional responses to the trauma and record your physical reactions.

With each new session, your therapist will teach you how to self-regulate your responses. Eventually, you will find safe spaces in your mind that bring comfort and peace.  When you can manage our mental state, the symptoms of PTSD start to go away. You will feel less anxious or depressed. More importantly, you will feel empowered as you heal from your trauma.

Somatic Experiencing Therapy in Addiction Recovery

PTSD can often trigger addiction to drugs or alcohol. When combined, both your mental disorder and your addiction can be tough to overcome. Authentic Recovery Center offers a wide range of treatments that work in conjunction with Somatic Experiencing Therapy. These treatments may include:

We combine treatments as part of a dual diagnosis approach to recovery. Through dual diagnosis, we can target both your PTSD and your addiction separately so that you can work through both. We offer a wide range of evidence-based and holistic therapies so that we can treat the effects of trauma, not just the addiction.

Addiction treatment usually begins with detox, where you get the substance out of your system. Once you complete detox, a treatments specialist will perform a thorough assessment of your condition and then develop a treatment plan. Our goal is to help you get clean and get healthy for life.

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