The slide into opiate addiction is slippery and insidious, but the road to recovery is sometimes even tougher. If you are addicted and tried to quit before, you know that stopping alone can be frustrating. But if you seek quality opiate addiction treatment, you can quit successfully.

Opiate Addiction Treated

Man with hand to chin serious about entering an opiate addiction treatment centerOpiate addiction affects your life in multiple ways. You experience health, financial, and social problems when you become addicted to opiates. Whether you became addicted to legal opiates prescribed to manage pain or to an illegal opiate such as heroin, the impact on your life is long-term and severe. Addiction to opiates often leads to tension with family and friends. You also suffer health issues, including the possibility of overdose. And, as your addiction grows, you spend much of your money and time focused on feeding it. But, you can get your life back on track by seeking opiate addiction treatment at a high-quality opiate addiction treatment center.

Causes of Opiate Addiction

There are many reasons why you might get addicted to opiates. The combination of environmental, genetic and lifestyle choices you make can lead to an addiction. While people react differently when they use opiates, lifestyle factors make it more likely that you will develop an addiction. Factors such as depression, previous drug abuse or childhood neglect or abuse all increase the risks of addiction. Even some of your personality traits can put you at a higher risk. At our opiate addiction treatment center, we treat both your addiction and other related, underlying conditions. These conditions if left untreated will lead to relapse. Our behavioral, clinical, and pharmacological therapies available at our Los Angeles Opiate Detox Center help you overcome your addiction.

Services Offered for Opiate Addiction Treatment?

At Authentic Recovery Center, we treat the causes of your addiction, providing long-term care so you can move forward. During treatment, you gain the tools necessary to return to normal life while practicing abstinence. We offer individual, group, and family therapy. When you undergo opiate addiction treatment, we help you achieve your goal of a drug-free life with addiction treatment services such as:

Seeking Treatment for Opiate Addiction Can Save Your Life

At our opiate addiction treatment center, you learn to beat your addiction starting with our detox treatment process. Our facilities provide a warm, supportive and healthy environment. When you first join us, we assign you a medical doctor, a licensed psychiatrist, and a substance abuse counselor.

A doctor oversees your detox process, which is the first step of the program. Our team uses evidence-based therapies as part of a personalized treatment plan to teach you healthy ways to cope. During aftercare, we support you as you live a full, healthy life.

Unless medically necessary due to a psychological issue, we do not discharge patients while they are using any mind-altering substances.

Check Out Authentic Recovery Center in West LA

If you are looking for inpatient detox programs California trusts to fight your opiate addiction, Authentic Recovery Center is the ideal place for you. We are a high-quality opiate addiction treatment center focused on abstinence and a healthy way of living. Our services are offered in-network with Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross and Aetna, to help make the costs of seeking detox and treatment manageable.

Your addiction to opiates does not have to control your life. You can take back control and focus on the future by seeking opiate addiction treatment at Authentic Recovery Center. Contact Authentic Recovery Center at 866-256-0051 and get back on the road to success.