You didn’t intend to develop an addiction to the medications you were taking. In fact, you’d have a difficult time pinpointing when it happened. That said, you’re now struggling with chemical dependency. Prescription drug addiction treatment at Authentic Recovery Center offers help.

Good People in Need of Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Counselor leads prescription drug addiction treatment session

Dependency on medication isn’t just something that happens to others. It can happen to you or loved ones. Of course in many cases, it involves people who received their drugs from doctors. You did everything right and still developed a dependency.

Authentic Recovery Center offers the prescription drug addiction treatment Los Angeles trusts. Here, therapists routinely work with three types of individuals. First, there are the regular users. These are patients who need the help of the medications.

At this point, they can’t stop. Whenever these patients try to stop using, there are withdrawal symptoms. Needing assistance but falling victim to chemical dependency is frustrating. Next, there are the people who discovered pleasurable side effects by accident.

They liked the way that the drugs made them feel. For example, they used them in this off-label way to take the edge off. Gradually, they developed an addiction. Finally, there are recreational users.

Often, you began taking the medication without a prescription because of the side effects. You probably started with a higher dose. You needed the relief the drug provided. Unfortunately, it hooked you.

Which Drugs Hooked You?

At Authentic Recovery Center prescription drug addiction treatment facility, experts realize that there isn’t just one problematic medication. Instead, different products on the market tend to trap users. The most famous are opioids. These nervous system depressants also prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.

Examples include fentanyl, oxycodone, and codeine. In addition to providing pain relief, they also boost dopamine levels. On the other end of the spectrum are stimulants. On college campuses, they’re making the rounds as smart drugs.

In this case, the goal of abuse is to keep going and stay awake. People might also abuse Adderall and similar medications. Benzodiazepines help people with anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Almost all of them have significant addiction potential.

The Gradual Descent into Prescription Drug Dependency

Who checks into the prescription drug addiction treatment Los Angeles trusts? Typically, these individuals tried to quit using medication and suffered from withdrawal symptoms. Many didn’t see it coming. These symptoms surprised them.

Over time, the brain changes the way it functions due to opioid medication. For example, dopamine release becomes dependent on the presence of the drug. In other cases, the central nervous system can’t handle the absence of the target medication. It results in a sudden resurgence of pain signals that can be extremely uncomfortable.

When this happens, you take the drugs just to feel somewhat normal. It’s no longer about experiencing the high. Also, some people don’t even get the high any longer. Instead, it’s the fear of the withdrawal that keeps them using.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Can End Addiction

There are two aspects to chemical dependency that prescription drug addiction treatment must address. First, there’s the physiological addiction. For example, these are the withdrawal symptoms you dread. Medical detox is the best option.

Medical professionals help you withdraw from the prescriptions safely and without pain. There are pharmacological support solutions that curb cravings. Most importantly, you can return to a point where your body doesn’t scream for the substance. After about a week, you manage to break the physical hold the drug has on you.

Finally, you move on to the rehab portion. Clinical care focuses on psychological dependency next. Treatments include:

  • 12 Step support meetings that introduce relapse prevention early on during your stay
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for program participants who struggle with anxiety or depression
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy as a way to implement new coping skills in areas of dysfunction
  • Group therapy at the opioid, stimulant, or benzo addiction treatment center
  • One-on-one talk therapy that includes psychotherapy and goal setting

Pay for Authentic Recovery Center prescription drug addiction treatment with your insurance benefits. We are in-network with Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross, and Aetna. Don’t wait to learn more about the prescription drug addiction treatment Los Angeles trusts. Call 866-256-0051 today and schedule the rest of your drug-free life.