For decades, Americans have seemingly accepted the fact the country has a significant problem with teen substance abuse. We have to do better than that. As a society, we have to understand our teens are vulnerable. They are mostly unable to cope with everyday problems because of lack of experience. With what seems like unfettered access to drugs and alcohol, the problem festers. It would be inspiring to imagine a world where we could focus on prevention instead of teen substance abuse treatment.

Why Teens Abuse Substances

Young adult talking to counselor at teen substance abuse treatment Los Angeles trustsHow quickly adults seem to forget about the trials and tribulations of adolescence. With the body and mind going through so many changes, it’s understandable why teens seek refuge in mind-altering substances. Of course, that doesn’t make those substances any less dangerous. Let’s take a quick look at common reasons why teens tend to abuse drugs and alcohol and then how we can offer substance abuse programs:

  • Peer pressure
  • Difficulty at home or school
  • Impulsive behavior or experimentation
  • Exposure to substance abuse at home
  • Mental illness or emotional problems
  • Reaction to trauma such as sexual or physical abuse, witnessing a traumatic event
  • Exploitation by others

All of these reasons point to vulnerability. Given how difficult it is to shelter teens from harm and exposure to bad things, prevention becomes a real problem. That’s why we have to rely on a good teen substance abuse treatment approach.

About Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

Teens with addictions are unique in that they come into an adolescent treatment program with unique sets of problems. For that reason, teen addiction treatment requires unique treatment programs. A young adult treatment center Los Angeles will often provide separate programs for teens. There are practical reasons for doing so.

Teen substance abuse treatment Los Angeles relies on successful, proven treatment options. An adolescent treatment program should start with an inpatient detox program when the staff believes it’s necessary. Detox offers a teen the opportunity to get past possible withdrawal symptoms with a minimum of discomfort. Once the teen has cleared withdrawal and set aside their cravings, they should be able to focus on therapy.

The core of any teen addiction treatment program is individual therapy. These are young people, who may be dealing with serious problems. It’s important for counselors to gain an understanding of what lies behind the teen’s desire to medicate against reality. During teen substance abuse treatment Los Angeles, it’s typical for counselors to look for co-existing conditions like depression. Remember, teens have not been worn out by life. They tend to have straightforward issues that led to their substance abuse. If a counselor can zero in on that issue or those issues, recovery becomes a very realistic outcome.

The end goal of any decent teen substance abuse treatment program is to free the addict from the chains that bind them. In the end, counselors hope to send their patients out into the world with better coping skills. That’s a real challenge as part of an adolescent treatment program. Why? Teens don’t seem to have good coping skills to begin with because of lack of experience.

Teen Addiction Treatment at Authentic Recovery Center

In our West Los Angeles treatment center, we provide teen substance abuse treatment Los Angeles. In doing so, we offer an excellent range of addiction treatment services that sit at the disposal of our professional addiction counselors. Aside from teen substance abuse treatment, we also provide services to adults. Our list of treatment options include:

We also accept in-network insurance coverage from providers like Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross and Aetna.┬áIf you have concerns about your teen’s involvement with drugs and alcohol, you should consider seeking teen substance abuse treatment Los Angeles trusts. For more information about Authentic Recovery Center, call us at 866-256-0051. The time is now to get your teen the help they need.