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12-Step Program

12 Steps: The Foundation of Addiction Treatment

If you aren’t familiar with the Twelve Steps already, it’s important to know that they are made up of twelve principles that you can learn about and implement in your life — to help you become and stay sober. Supporting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, sex addiction, gambling and other compulsive behaviors, the twelve step treatment model has provided millions of people around the world the chance to break free from the ties that bind them.

Why do we use the twelve step model? Because it works. According to the Twelve Steps, your path to recovery begins when you admit that you’re powerless over your addiction. During the recovery process, you’ll be encouraged to examine any mistakes you have made along the way and mend relationships with those you have hurt. While you don’t have to be religious to follow the guidelines and benefit from the Twelve Steps, the principles do refer to a higher power and God.

Our clinical approach here at ARC draws heavily from the Twelve Steps:

  • Laying down the foundation for your work in recovery
  • Helping you better understand addiction
  • Showing you helpful tools you can use
  • Helping you recognize the consequences of your addiction
  • Offering hope in a time of darkness

As you work through the steps, remember: we can show you the steps to take, but you must be the one to take action.

The Power of Community

A supportive community is an essential part of recovery and one of the things we love about the 12-step philosophy is the valuable social support it provides. 12-step programs have been so successful and so popular that you can now attend a number of different 12-step programs:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): This group helped originate the 12-Step program in the 1930s.
  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA): This group was created from AA to support those in recovery from drug abuse. However, people recovering from drugs often attend AA meetings and people recovering from alcohol attend NA meetings as well.
  • Refuge Recovery: This group is Buddhist-inspired and offers a path to recovery.
  • Co-Dependents Anonymous: A number of our alumni have found support here in this group, a program of recovery from codependence.

With 12-step support groups found in almost every city around the nation and in many cities around the globe, you’ll always be able to easily find the tools you’re looking for to recover your life. Your recovery community here at ARC in West L.A. is here to support you when you are ready.

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