Authentic Recovery Center - Aftercare & Alumni Program

Aftercare & Alumni Program

Key to Your Success in Recovery

Addiction treatment can’t last forever. To make your transition back into the rhythms of life outside ARC as seamless as possible, we encourage you to stay connected with us. Before you graduate from our residential program, we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive aftercare plan. Upon discharge, you’ll be able to use this plan as a foundation to build your new life in recovery.

Aftercare Planning

Recovery does not end when you leave the safety net of the treatment center. Challenges will arise as you return home or to a sober living community. That’s why at the time of discharge, we map out an individualized aftercare plan to fit your needs and propel you into success. We’ll work with trusted referral sources to find the most appropriate sober living, outpatient treatment, therapists and doctors as you transition from our residential program to outpatient providers.

As you begin to navigate new life stressors without the use of drugs or alcohol, you can use this plan as a compass to keep you on track. As a graduate of our program, you are part of the ARC family for life. You’re always welcome to return to ARC to join us for support groups, 12-step meetings and alumni events. In our safe, secure environment, you can continue practicing the skills you learned in treatment, including problem-solving and conflict resolution. Staying connected to us will help you:

  • Continue to develop your custom coping mechanisms
  • Learn new ways to manage stress, cravings and triggers
  • Get access to the essential resources that you’ll need in recovery: support groups, sober living accommodations, life skills and more

No matter what you need, we’re here to help you transition from treatment into a life worth living.

Alumni Programming

The social component of addiction treatment is vitally important, without which treatment cannot occur. The therapeutic features of our alumni program offer you a chance to develop and maintain healthy relationships while deepening the friendships you made in treatment. Many of our alumni live in the area and continue to meet with us regularly, offering support to current patients and new graduates of our program. With regularly scheduled group meetings, virtual support options, and additional holiday support, you’ll have access to services for life.

We encourage you to remain open to exploring the aftercare and alumni options available to you upon discharge. We welcome your engagement and look forward to watching you grow.

Manage Your Recovery Anytime with Our Alumni App

The work you do in recovery will be the hardest work you’ll ever do. But it’s worth it. And our exclusive online app ensures that you can stay connected with your recovery community whenever and wherever you are — available for free to our alumni.

  • Exclusive, HIPAA-compliant, online peer support
  • Separate portals for alumni and families
  • Direct access after discharge

At your fingertips, you’ll be able to celebrate and track your recovery, keep a recovery journal, receive and offer peer support, talk to our experts, find articles and podcasts, and so much more. Reach out to one of our team members for more details about the app.


“I’ll never forget when my therapist told me ARC’s philosophy about addiction … ‘addiction is a tool … a tool that is designed to protect you and distract you from pain.’ I think they must have been right because I’ve been sober ever since completing the program. I just don’t think I would have ever crossed that bridge if it hadn’t been for the way the road to recovery was laid out for me at ARC.” – ARC alumnus

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