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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Your Recovery & ACT

Acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT) is a long-established and effective treatment that offers a number of benefits when you’re recovering from addiction. Based on six core principles, ACT shows you how to create a life that is full of meaning, based on your values.

ACT teaches you how to remain psychologically flexible by:

  • A: Accepting your reactions
  • C: Choosing a valued direction
  • T: Taking action

ACT places a large emphasis on identifying your personal values and using those as guiding principles in recovery. By doing so, you can create a life based on what you value most — helping you deal with difficult moments that are inevitable in life. The underlying belief is that if you can stay focused on your values, you can embrace meaningful behavior changes and more effectively face life’s many challenges.

Our highly trained staff members apply trauma-informed ACT therapy within our drug and alcohol treatment program where we have helped hundreds of individuals cope with their most difficult experiences and stay sober.

ACT in Addiction Recovery

So much of addiction is based on numbing one’s feelings, shutting out painful or difficult thoughts and emotions. ACT shows you that, instead of numbing yourself through substance use, you can look to your values and act accordingly. So, instead of escaping from the hard or painful parts of life by using drugs or alcohol, you can follow your values and use them to guide you in challenging situations.

Our therapists blend ACT with other clinical therapies within our treatment setting. And as you move through treatment, you’ll see how the teachings of ACT can help you grow into a life of recovery. As you apply the teachings of ACT to your daily life, you’ll be well on your way to creating a life worth living. With support from your therapist and guided by the principles of ACT, we can help you create the life you dream of.

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