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Family Involvement

Offering Hope for Families

Family members and friends, your loved one has an amazing chance to create a new beginning. Their road to recovery starts here but they don’t have to travel alone. Your support will be integral to helping them achieve a full and long-lasting recovery.

Remember: Alcohol addiction, drug use and compulsive disorders are not a choice. Your loved one didn’t choose their addiction. In most cases, addiction occurs in tandem alongside other mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. Many times, trauma is also present. We will address all of these issues here in treatment.

When your loved one shows up at intake, we will ask them who they want involved in treatment — parents, partners, friends or other family members. If they list you as part of their support network, we will be able to update you on how their treatment and recovery are going. Otherwise, we will be bound to keep all details about their treatment confidential.

Family Support Group at ARC

We know how hard it is to have a family member in treatment so we offer families as many helpful resources as we can. To best support our families, we hold an interactive family group weekly. This is your space, and you’re welcome to join us for weekly fellowship where you can:

  • Better understand addiction, working your way towards acceptance and forgiveness;
  • Find support from others who know exactly what you’re going through;
  • Share personal challenges and ask questions;
  • Find hope again in stories of inspiration;
  • Offer advice to new members of the group;
  • Learn about the importance of self-care for caregivers;
  • Improve family communication skills;
  • Institute healthy family boundaries with your loved ones;
  • Understand and reshape unhealthy family roles, and so much more.

Our family group is staffed by experienced clinicians. And the vast majority of our team is in recovery, serving as a bridge of understanding and trust during the treatment process. Learn from our staff and from others who have “been there” as you find what you’re looking for to help you make it through this journey.

Even once your loved one leaves treatment, you are welcome to continue attending our weekly family group. We understand new challenges can arise after treatment and this group can be a constant for your family to lean on.

We invite you to join us at our weekly family group as long as you want – whether your loved one stays sober or not. Parents, partners and adult siblings are welcome.

Self-Care: Essential to Caregivers

It can be absolutely exhausting to live with someone who is actively using, and it can be just as tiring, if not more so, to support them in staying sober as they rebuild their lives. To help you manage these challenges and the stress you are under, we encourage you to:

  • Take good care of yourself during this time.
  • Get counseling if you need it.
  • Exercise, eat right and get good sleep.
  • Focus on strength and resiliency.
  • Take whatever steps you need to take so you can grow, thrive and reach your potential, just like your loved one is learning to do in treatment.

If you need help personally, please reach out to us. We can help you get connected to the resources you might need during this taxing time.

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