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Holistic Therapies

Find Your Balance in Treatment

In recent years, the addiction treatment community has been incorporating more holistic therapies into the treatment day. Holistic therapies address your overall wellness, working hand in hand with psychiatric care and talk therapy to help you overcome your addiction.

At ARC, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in both indoor and outdoor holistic therapies. These round out the entire treatment experience, giving you opportunities to build interpersonal relationship skills, practice mindfulness and enjoy relaxation.

The holistic therapies we offer at ARC include:

Mindfulness Meditation

Start each morning with mindfulness meditation. Meditation sets the tone for the day, helps you clear your mind and allows you to be more present in your life. Many of our patients find that meditation reduces their anxiety and creates a space to focus on something greater than themselves. The more you practice, the more profound the results will be.

Exercise Therapy

Treatment can be stressful and tiring. In order to make sure you are getting sufficient sleep and feeling good in your body, we’ll encourage you to explore movement throughout the day. Daily walks around the neighborhood or trips to nearby hiking sites offer sunshine, fresh air and a chance to decompress.

Recreation Therapy

Outings provide you with a chance to have fun, practice your skills outside of the treatment center and work on your relationships with others, these outings can be therapeutic. Past outings have included going to museums, movie theaters, visiting parks and hiking trails, riding go-carts, playing laser tag and more.

Offering you a chance to let go of whatever is holding you back, holistic therapies also add a fun and relaxing element to the recovery process, addressing your personal needs and taking care of mind, body and spirit. Here at ARC, you may participate in creative recovery (art and music) activities, Qi Gong, mindful movement activities, insightful meditation groups and more.

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