Authentic Recovery Center - Residential


Laying the Foundation for Your Recovery

With a small patient-to-staff ratio, we are able to tailor our residential treatment program to your unique needs. Our modest patient capacity ensures that you won’t get lost in the crowd and that you’ll feel secure and supported by our team members while working towards addiction recovery.

Your Home Away from Home

Treatment is simply more comfortable in our warm and inviting residences. Situated in an appealing neighborhood in West Los Angeles, our homes have everything you need to make you feel right at home. You’ll have access to exercise equipment, chef-prepared meals, onsite support groups and a number of other amenities. Private rooms are also available. Daily and weekly outings provide a change of scenery, fresh air and sunshine to help you meet your social and wellness needs. We also ensure that your health and safety is top priority with our COVID Clean Commitment policy. You can find out more about what to expect when you start the residential program for addiction at ARC.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Recovery

Our therapists incorporate evidence-based clinical therapies into their work, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). These therapies, along with the twelve steps, are known to get results and have provided millions of people around the world the opportunity to break free from the ties of addiction and find the pathway to improved mental health.

A Safe and Supportive Environment to Grow

While no two treatment plans are ever alike, you’ll explore a number of different strategies here in treatment as you create a new life for yourself in our safe and structured treatment centers. Expect to:

  • Build self-awareness and greater insight to get to the next big stage of your life;
  • Start to find your independence, strength and resilience you didn’t know you had;
  • Identify new, healthy habits as you learn how to manage your triggers and cravings, creating a life centered on meaning and purpose;
  • Analyze and address underlying issues that contribute to your desire to use, including interpersonal conflicts, financial stress or mental health issues;
  • Fill your toolbox with the skills and strategies you need to recover from addiction, and so much more.

By the time you get ready for discharge, you’ll have built a solid framework that will guide your recovery for the long-term.

Social Support

Addiction feeds on isolation. Being around peers who understand what you are going through, in support groups, will be essential to your recovery. These relationships will also be critical to your long-term sobriety. As you move through our residential program, we’ll talk about sponsors and the importance of attending regular support groups. We’ll also share strategies on how to handle relapse and who your go-to person might be should a relapse occur.

The vast majority of our team members are in recovery themselves and will be able to relate to the struggles you are facing, serving as a bridge of understanding and trust in treatment. Above all, we’ll ensure that you do not feel alone after discharge. In fact, a number of our past residents return for meetings and alumni activities on a regular basis. While you will face many challenges after you discharge from treatment, you can feel secure that you will always have a safe and supportive recovery community here.

Family Support

Should you choose to involve any family members or close friends in the treatment process, we’ll keep them updated regularly on your progress and we will educate them on the best ways to support you in recovery. Our weekly family group at ARC offers them a safe space to ask questions and find comfort from a network of individuals who understand the challenges that are unique to family members and friends.

Transitioning Out of Care

It’s a big deal to transition from our residential program to another phase of your programming. This step along your road to recovery will test everything you have learned in treatment as you leave our structured home and reintegrate in to your everyday life. In doing so, you’ll use the skills you’ve learned to manage challenges and forge a new path for yourself. To help you make this move as seamless as possible, we encourage you to stay connected to us and to your peers in recovery via our alumni program.

Here for You, Through the Good and the Bad

Overcoming addiction is not easy. There will be good days in recovery and there will be challenging days. The process will be long and complex. Sometimes, you will stumble and fall, and you will struggle to get back up. But with the enduring support of your treatment team, your loved ones and your peers — all within a safe, stable environment – you won’t be alone.

We're Here to Help

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