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What We Treat

An Authentic Approach to Recovery

Not everyone who uses illegal drugs or even legal substances will develop an addiction. But when a person develops an overwhelming preoccupation with a substance despite negative consequences (job loss, relationship troubles or a near-fatal overdose), treatment is warranted.

Authentic Recovery Center - Residential Cushdon

At ARC, we treat the cause of your addiction — not just the symptoms. Whether you are in need of medical detox or treatment within a residential program, our experienced clinicians will support you in addressing the underlying issues that led you to use in the first place.

Maintaining full confidentiality, we’ll show you how to find joy and meaning again — without drugs or alcohol. You’ll learn how to manage your triggers and cravings to create a life worth living.

In addition to the substances listed below, we offer treatment for compulsive behaviors, including sex addiction.

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