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Los Angeles Drug Rehab And Alcohol Rehab

With an emphasis on evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment methods our facility offers the advanced
clinical techniques necessary for treating both addiction and it’s co-occurring disorders.
Dual Diagnosis

We offer individualized treatment for people seeking comprehensive services that encompass co-occurring disorders and addiction.

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Medically Managed Detox

Before recovery begins the body must undergo detoxification and rid itself of drugs and alcohol.

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Residential Treatment

Addressing the initial needs of clients beginning their journey into recovery from drugs and alcohol.

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Continuing Care

Providing an opportunity to solidify their recovery foundation laid during their stay in Residential Treatment.

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Intensive Outpatient

IOP with ARC is open-ended, which means that clients may choose what works for them.

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After Care

Providing real time assistance navigating uncertain and often treacherous transitions addicts face in early recovery.

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Authentic Recovery Center | Licensed Provider for Medically Managed Detox, Residential Treatment, Continuing Care, Intensive Outpatient, Aftercare and Dual Diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles, California.

Authentic Recovery Center is a dual diagnosis treatment center located in Los Angeles, California. We provide an interdisciplinary therapeutic drug rehab and alcohol rehab designed to address the root causes of addiction. With a modest program capacity our holistic style is completely individualized and offers the highest standard of dignity and confidentiality during rehabilitation. If you would like to learn more about our treatment options contact us today.


Authentic Recovery Center, Drug Rehab, Treatment for Alcohol Problems, Addiction, Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis

Authentic Recovery Center is a recognized leader in the field of mental health treatment. With an emphasis on the provision of evidence-based methods our Los Angeles treatment center offers the advanced clinical techniques necessary for treating both addiction and psychological and psychiatric disorders.

  • Addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug And Alcohol Abuse
  • Dual Diagnosis

The Authentic Recovery Center offers one of the most extensive continuums of care in Los Angeles, California. We provide both short and long term residential and outpatient treatment options to support our clients in building a solid foundation in recovery. In addition to these services we offer Family Treatment, Aftercare Services, as well as comprehensive alumni services. If you would like to learn more about our treatment options call 1 877 415 4673 now.


Los Angeles Drug Rehab, Medically Managed Detox, Residential, Continuing Care, And Outpatient Treatment

We Provide Time Tested Methods for Success
Our program follows the most advanced techniques available for success. Our empirically proven methods allow each client the benefit of a tailored approach during treatment. Here is how the process looks when you enroll at the Authentic Recovery Center.

Drug Rehab Individual Intake Evaluation

Prior to enrollment with our Los Angeles Drug Rehab our staff will conduct a free treatment assessment to determine which of our many program options will be the best fit for your situation.

Detoxification Services

Detoxification is often the scariest part of considering treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab center. Don’t worry, detoxification is a specialty of ours. We offer medically-managed detoxification services for drug detox, alcohol detox, and prescription drug detoxification. We are designed to help people comfortably detox from any type of drug.

Continuing Evaluation
After detox treatment and throughout the rehabilitation process, our seasoned clinical team will conduct ongoing evaluations to attend to any co-occurring disorders (Dual Diagnosis issues). To learn more about our dual diagnosis rehab and the co-occurring issues we effectively treat visit dual diagnosis treatment.


Personalized Treatment Plans
Each client receives the benefit of an individualized treatment plan. Every person is unique, with specific obstacles that require a precise set of goals in order to successfully recover from addiction. The clinical team meets daily to discuss each persons progress and makes adjustments to keep the drug and alcohol rehab process on track.

Advanced Clinical Services In Rehabilitation Centers
Throughout the program each client works with a variety of licensed professionals who support them with their specific issues during treatment. We are known for offering the most expansive array of cost-inclusive clinical services in California.

Family Support
Addiction, alcoholism, drug abuse, and co-occurring disorders have an effect on the entire family system. Our treatment center understands this and offers support for family and loved ones throughout the rehabilitation process. Like all the clinical services we offer, the Family Program is included in the initial cost of treatment.

Addiction Treatment Centers Aftercare Planning
There is an old saying, “Recovery is a process not an event.” Representative of this philosophy, we offer each client an extensive aftercare planning process that is specifically tailored to the unique challenges each person will face in the future. We take aftercare plans very seriously because transition is the most difficult part of treatment for most people.

The American Medical Association determined that over half of individuals suffering from addiction and substance abuse have a co-occurring disorder (Dual Diagnosis). This fact is compelling and helps people understand the importance of applying a dual diagnosis treatment philosophy in order to ensure the most effective treatment measures take place. It is also critical to grasp the services necessary to implement a dual diagnosis treatment strategy during rehab.


The Importance of Co-Occurring Disorders Rehab Centers In Los Angeles

Here are a few of the key ingredients required for successful co-occurring disorders rehab:

  • Clinical Services
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Psychological Services
  • Multiple types of therapy
  • Number of one on one sessions

Clinical Services In A Los Angeles Rehab Center

Clinical services are important because this is an aspect of medication management. When people stop using alcohol or drugs, there are often sub-acute and post-acute withdrawal symptoms that can persist for weeks or even months. Medication management is very helpful to create a temporary reprieve from symptoms like sleeplessness, anxiety, or depression. These symptoms are not always directly related to an underlying psychiatric or psychological issue, but they can significantly exasperate these types of issues. Medication management can help people in early recovery begin to reduce extreme mood fluctuations, free-floating anxiety and sleep cycle disturbances. Without medication management support people with dual diagnosis often find treatment unbearable. It is very important that these services are in place in the dual diagnosis treatment setting.

Psychiatric Services Offered in Rehab Centers
Psychiatric services are important because people often haven’t completed a psychiatric assessment for years when they were actually clean and sober for the evaluation. This fact is one of the often overlooked benefits of enrollment in a residential treatment center. Simply by enrolling, people are removed from their patterns of abusive consumption of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications. This allows psychiatric medicine to play an important role in addressing the emotional, physical, and cognitive symptoms that are present when a person is operating from a place of having a non-chemically altered neurochemistry.

Psychological Services
Psychological services are important because of emotionally-related issues like grief, trauma and low self-esteem. There are also many other circumstances where psychological support can be helpful. For many people, being under the influence was an attempt to anesthetize uncomfortable or difficult feelings. These feelings, thoughts, and emotions are often related to a co-occurring condition but not all the time. As a physically sober life begins, emotions and thoughts that were pushed down by alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications can begin to surface. In this specific area psychological services are critical. Essentially, they help people to learn how to live sober. Without developing these coping skills recovery for some people is simply intolerable.

Multiple Types of Therapy
Offering multiple types of therapy is important because of the fact that each person is unique. For example, not every individual will respond to cognitive-behavioral therapy in a positive way. Some people need a more dialectical-behavioral approach. Having access to appropriately matched types of therapy is a critical aspect of effective dual diagnosis treatment. Without multiple approaches, a program is essentially asking square pegs to fit in round holes.

The Number of One on One Sessions In An Addiction Treatment Center
The number of one on one sessions offered to people in treatment is important because if there is only one session per week, then that’s not enough support for a person with dual diagnosis issues. People with co-occurring conditions usually need 3-5 individual one on one sessions per week as a general rule. This is not an absolute. Sometimes people need more support and sometimes people need less support, but regardless, the support should be available.

This section will outline a few of the key elements for future success that are often overlooked when people initially research drug and alcohol treatment centers.


ARC West Los Angeles, California: The Benefits of Choosing a Los Angeles Drug Rehab Center

Real Treatment, Real Life
Effective treatment is not just about information. It is also about practice and application. There is only so much one can learn from therapy and groups. Eventually, each person has to apply what they are being taught in order to continue their recovery. In many drug and alcohol rehab centers, there is simply no way to actually practice many of the skills being imparted through the clinical process. For example, if you attend a treatment center on an island, isolated in the mountains, or on a closed campus, there is only so much real life experienceavailable during rehabilitation. In many instances, when people leave these programs they immediately begin to exhibit signs of overwhelm, anxiety, or emotional distress. These are the exact opposite sensations one would hope a person would have after completing a treatment program. At the Authentic Recovery Center our location is a critical element to preventing this common scenario. Each day we take our clients into the community to safely expose them to the rhythms and activities of what will soon be their independent daily routine. Through these exercises our clients can begin to apply the tools and skills necessary to prevent transitional shock or relapse once they leave.

Cutting Edge Treatment
Los Angeles has long been central in the discussion about addiction treatment. Every few months another celebrity melts down in the face of a mental or behavioral health problem and a national debate is sparked about the core elements of addiction and rehabilitation. Although on a national level the public interest about these topics tends to ebb and flow with the acute moments of comedy and crisis, locally in Los Angeles the discussion forges forward. This is in part due to the regional influence the entertainment industries have on the city. If shows, tours, or productions have to stop, it affects not just the stars of the stage, but the entire crew that makes the magic happen. So for the clinical professionals in the region, advancements in addiction medicine and treatment are always being applied and considered. Out of celebrity meltdowns, entire modalities of treatment have risen, such as sober companions, private monitoring, and many other specialized treatment techniques. In addition to these components, certain cutting-edge medications such as Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Naloxone, have been explored for the treatment of opiate addiction. All of these breakthroughs have originated in the greater Los Angeles area, and most of them specifically to address some specific regional needs that have translated into a benefit for the national field of addiction treatment. There is simply no question that Los Angeles represents the leading edge in addiction medicine and treatment. Simply by enrolling in a drug rehab in the area, people receive the positive influence of skilled and experienced professionals that are forging the way forward for the rest of the country.

The Largest Recovering Population in the World
There is no other place in the world where there is such a concentration of people who are aware of, and living with, the concepts of addiction and alcoholism recovery. It doesn’t even matter whether a person considering treatment is even interested in the 12-step programs. Just the fact that there is community that is as welcoming as Los Angeles to the newly clean and sober individual shouldn’t be overlooked. The difference between attending treatment in a rural area where there is little of no community support can’t even be compared to the sensation of being surrounded with an entire city of like-minded people who personally understand the struggle. Receiving this sense of welcome is simply a byproduct of choosing a Los Angeles drug and alcohol treatment center.

Multiple Opportunities After Treatment
Although not everyone who attends treatment in Los Angeles intends to stay in the area, if they do there are numerous opportunities on both vocational and educational levels to build a foundation in recovery in the region. Los Angeles was the pilot program for the first sober dorm, the first sober employment agency, and the first sober grants foundation. This didn’t happen by accident. There is such a deep understanding about the process of recovery entwined around the city that people just step up in kind on every level to help out people seeking to pursue their dreams after treatment. The Authentic Recovery Center has relationships with local colleges and employers who help our clients when they are ready to get back to their passions in life. Again, it may sound nice to attend treatment in the desert, but what if you want to stay and do extended care? Where will you work, go to school, or live? In the Los Angeles area there are vast resources available for people leaving treatment, including some of the best sober living environments in the country. The opportunities are simple endless.

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If you would like to learn more about the Authentic Recovery Center call 1 877 415 4673 now. Our credentialed staff will help you understand more about our comprehensive approach to treatment and answer any further questions you have about the programs we offer. Remember, “The only failure in life is the failure to act.”