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There is often a sense of discouragement when attempting to enroll in a drug rehab center with no funds. The truth is that although the process may seem difficult – don’t worry. There are free drug rehab programs throughout the United States that are sponsored by the government, as well as drug treatment centers that are financed by charitable agencies. If you have found yourself in a situation where you require low cost drug rehab or free drug treatment then simply visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website. This government agency offers a free online resource to help addicts in need find the help they require. To learn more visit Free Drug Rehab Locator.

Do You Have Medical Insurance?

Did you know that if you have medical insurance you may qualify for either mental or behavioral health services? In many circumstances, most PPO insurance plans will entirely cover (or at least offset) the cost of addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment. This means that it’s quite possible that your insurance will cover the cost of attending a program like the Authentic Recovery Center. If you would like to find out whether your insurance will cover treatment services visit FREE INSURANCE VERIFICATION.

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12 Responses to “Free Drug Rehab Locator”

  1. nicky nguyen says:

    ive been through hell and back i started using drugs when i thought i was gona due eight years in federal prison and on top of that my father is a alcoholic and tryed to touch my girlfriend of eight years and he grabed my mom by the throught one night and i heard my mom screaming kick the room door down and grab my father through him to the ground and started beating him, i had so much anger from what he did tio my lady and my mom , so after that he kicked me out all i had the duffle bags full of clothes and my car. i was living in my car fir a few months. i started using heroin to numb the pain it was my exscape from all that ,next thing i tryed to get a job which i did . worked for my uncle doing landscaping i did pretty good for a little bit i rented a room worked 6 to 7 days a week but still used drugs every single day, i was a functional user who worked and paid all his bills. until a year later i tryed to stop using and i went to work and i had a seizure and smashed my face on the concrete and i was spitting up blood and my uncle thought that i was literally dying. so he layed me off and ever since than been on my own using like crazy . i felt so alone and abandon, i didnt talk to my mom or my dad or my brothers i really wanted to end my life, i thought about it and thought about it and i told myself only cowards do that,im still using and i really want to stop, after my brother had his first kid and i became an uncle, i can say that i have something to live for. me and my newphew are really close and i have a reason for living and i want to change my life so please if you can help me or show me were to go or talk to greatly appreciated and god bless you. thank you

  2. Dave Dowd says:

    Im looking for help for my wife and I we have a harion problem and no insurance please we are desprate my name is Dave 19095699312

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