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We Offer a Comprehensive Clinical Approach

a woman talks to a counselor at the best rehab program los angeles offersUnlike 100 years ago, when addiction was viewed as a moral problem, today we recognize that there are a host of factors that contribute to addictive pathology. In order for addiction treatment services to be effective, our staff must address these elemental materials that culminate in substance abuse pathology during the best rehab program.

ARC understands these contributing factors and offers each client personalized treatment plans so they can receive the benefit of the most advanced and comprehensive clinical techniques available to successfully overcome addiction problems.

We Provide Integrated Treatment

This section describes some of the medical, clinical and therapeutic services that we include within the scope of our all-inclusive dual diagnosis treatment program.

Individual Therapy

Each client participates in 3-5 one-on-one therapy sessions per week. One-on-one therapy is important due to the proven effectiveness of this modality in supporting people with dual diagnosis issues.

Psychological Evaluation

We offer each client the benefit of a psychological evaluation, with follow up evaluations as treatment progresses. This treatment tool is an important measure to substantiate the presence of certain psychiatric and psychological disorders.

Psychiatric Assessment

We offer each client an initial psychiatric assessment, with follow up visits as treatment continues forward. This treatment tool is important in order to substantiate the presence of specific psychiatric disorders. It also helps determine whether supportive medications are necessary.

Case Management

We offer each client case management services throughout the best rehab program process. This resource is important as a tool to help people deal with employers, colleges, court systems and other factors outside of the treatment setting.

Personalized Treatment Plans

We offer each client individualized treatment planning. This customized aspect of the best rehab program is important because it supports each person specifically by identifying their unique problems, goals, and objectives during treatment.

Multiaxial Diagnostic Assessment

We offer each client the benefit of a multiaxial diagnostic assessment. This is an important tool that helps the clinical team target the entire clinical process on the actual issues that need to be addressed during treatment.

Medical Evaluation

Each client receives an independent medical evaluation. This resource allows clients to safely complete detoxification and address any medically-related problems while in rehab.

Multiple Treatment Options

We offer client’s multiple choices for how to do treatment. Our program consists of many rehab options and includes various types of residential treatment and outpatient care. This allows people more flexibility upon enrollment and in how they do aftercare.

Interdisciplinary Treatment Team

We offer each client the benefit of an interdisciplinary treatment team. Clients have the opportunity to work with multiple clinicians to see what works best for them.

We Treat the Core Issues

Many people don’t fully understand what creates a behavioral or mental health problem. Fortunately, we do. This section provides you with a picture of how problems develop. It will also help you to gain a better grasp on how effective the ARC approach is.

Factors that Contribute to Addiction

Genetic Predisposition

There is a lot of evidence that points to how genetics play a significant role in developing alcoholism, addiction, and drug abuse pathology. Concurrent with this is the fact that genetics can play a huge role in the development of mental health issues. Genetic influencers cannot be changed, but certain types of therapy are very effective in harnessing the role genetics play in a positive way. For example, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a great therapeutic tool for helping newly recovering individuals to understand why they have been responding to life in the way that they have. Some traditional drug treatment centers apply cognitive therapy in group settings. However, in order for CBT to truly productive, professionals must apply the technique in individual therapy sessions.


The type of environment a person grows up in has a direct effect on the likelihood that they will develop alcoholism, addiction, drug abuse, or co-occurring disorders at some point in their lifetime. Again, although this is a generally understood aspect of addiction, it is often overlooked during the actual treatment process. For example, past environmental factors cannot be changed. However, understanding how those environments affected the individual in treatment is a critical component of being able to reach them. Treatment has to be designed in such a way to reach people where they are at – especially in being consistent in the language used to establish rapport.

Our clinical team consists of a variety of experienced professionals with a variety of backgrounds. Where many traditional treatment centers simply assign a case manager to an incoming client based on the current caseload we assign case managers and therapists based on a comprehensive evaluation of which staff members will be able to reach each client.

Personal Psychology

Some people are more naturally curious about alcohol and drugs than others. This is simply part of some peoples personality types. For example, if this curiosity about mind-altering substances is part of an individual’s psychological make-up, they will naturally acclimate towards experimentation with drugs. This propensity increases the likelihood they will develop drug abuse pathology if other factors are also present. Treatment must address each client’s personal psychology and to create healthy outlets and new forms of self-expression. Where traditional treatment centers often insist that the person in the best rehab program modify their perspectives in such a way to eliminate aspects of personal expression and identity, our approach is to help people recover in a way that is authentic to their belief systems.

Life Experiences

In many circumstances, life experiences play an important role in the onset and development of drug abuse pathology. For example, if a person has emotionally painful, adverse, or negative life experiences they will often seek to “numb” the power of these sensations with alcohol or drugs. If other factors are also present, drug abuse can develop as a coping tool to protect, distract and relieve them from the pain and difficulty of life. Treatment must take into consideration these factors in order to build a process in rehab that addresses the difficulty clients have in staying clean and sober. Our approach individually builds the skills required to deal with these fears and difficulties in a productive and healthy way.

Co-Occurring Disorders

When people have dual diagnosis issues and they aren’t properly treated, they will often attempt to self-medicate these problems with recreational drugs. More often than not this process actually exasperates the severity of these co-occurring disorders. In order to cope with symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD or bipolar disorders people will often gravitate towards self-medicative techniques which often result in patterns of drug abuse pathology. Our evidence-based style of treatment is designed to assess and evaluate each client for these underlying issues. Once substantiated, we treat psychiatric and psychological issues with the most advanced clinical and medical techniques available. This allows people to begin to live life with co-occurring disorders in a healthier way than self-medicating their symptoms.

We Offer Personalized Treatment

Each person is unique. Without question, what one person will respond do will not always work for another person. Unfortunately, many traditional treatment centers offer rehabilitation with a cookie-cutter approach that allows many people (especially those with dual diagnosis) to slip into the cracks.

We are fundamentally different in this regard. Our entire treatment approach is based on the concept of customized and personal treatment. With a total residential capacity of just 12 people, we can ensure that we tailor treatment to the unique needs of the individual.

We Strive to Be the Best Rehab Program Los Angeles Offers

The Authentic Recovery Center is a leader in treatment for addiction and psychiatric and psychological disorders. If you think our best rehab program approach to substance abuse treatment seems right for your situation, call 866-256-0051 now. Our licensed clinicians will help answer any additional questions you might have about integrated services for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Remember, “The only failure in life is the failure to act.”