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Mathew Malloy Sr. Lead RA
  • Mathew MalloySenior Lead Resident Advisor

    Matthew has been with Cliffside since January of 2015. He is a certified addiction counselor (CADC-II) and he manages the residential department. Matthew devotes most of his time and energy at Cliffside into staff development to ensure we provide the highest level of client care possible. Matthew spends most of his free time with his beloved Rottweiler.

Jordan Payton-Fearnley Lead RA
  • Jordan Payton-FearnleyLead Resident Advisor

    Jordan has worked at Cliffside since February of 2017 and manages a team of resident advisors in one of Cliffside’s inpatient facilities. Jordan came to Cliffside with a background in service industry management and focuses on training staff to provide top-notch client care. Jordan is currently working on her certification as a drug and alcohol counselor at UCLA, and loves to practice yoga, travel and read in her free time.

Jeremiah Hernandez Lead RA
  • Jeremiah HernadezAdmissions Coordinator

    Jeremiah has worked at Cliffside since August of 2015. He manages a team of resident advisors in one of Cliffside’s inpatient facilities. Jeremiah is currently working simultaneously on his psychology degree and counselor’s certification and hopes to continue studying psychology at the master’s level. Jeremiah spends his free time drawing, or at the movies with friends. He has a passion for helping others grow and brings that passion to work every day at Cliffside.

Jonathan Kim Lead RA
  • Jonathan KimResidential Counselor

    Jonathan Kim is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and received an Associate Degree with a concentration in Addiction Studies at Pierce College. He is currently attending Antioch University pursuing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. He has worked in the mental health field for the past 4 years in varying positions. He enjoys golfing, reading, and eating in his free time.

Parrish Gillett Lead RA
  • Parrish GillettLead Resident Advisor

    Parrish has worked at Cliffside since June of 2016. While his background is in the recording arts, Parrish’s experience at Cliffside has led him to pursue his counseling credentials (currently working towards his CADC-I certification). Parrish believes the work we do at Cliffside is important and that motivates him every day he comes to work. He appreciates any little thing he can do to positively affect our clients. In his free time Parrish still produces music, listens to podcasts, and loves cats.

Stefanie Kosha Lead RA
  • Stefanie KoshaLead Resident Advisor

    Stefanie has worked at Cliffside since July of 2017. Stefanie completed her vocational nursing studies and now manages a team of resident advisors who work in one of our inpatient facilities. Stefanie enjoys helping people overcome their problems with addiction and seeing them progress through their treatment at Cliffside. In her free time Stefanie loves to travel and spend time with her family.

Alex Cresswell Lead RA
  • Alex CresswellLead Resident Advisor

    Alex has worked at Cliffside since November of 2016 and manages a team of resident advisors working in one of our inpatient facilities. Alex is currently working on a nursing degree (BA) and is on track to become a Nurse Practitioner. He loves seeing clients transform their lives during their time at Cliffside and is happy to help in that process however he can. In his spare time Alex is a competitive auto racer and competes on tracks all over California.

Antoinette Williams CADC-II-Lead - RA
  • Antoinette WilliamsCADC-II – Lead Resident Advisor

    Antoinette has worked at Cliffside since 2010 and has extensive experience working in the fields of mental and behavioral health. Antoinette is a certified drug and alcohol counselor (CADC-II) who manages a team of resident advisors working in our inpatient facilities. Antoinette enjoys helping clients feel better about themselves and loves Cliffside because the team here is like family. In her free time Antoinette loves jazz concerts, spending time with family and friends at the Huntington Library and the botanical gardens.

Ben Hinkle RA
  • Ben HinkleLead Resident Advisor

    Ben has been working at Cliffside since May of 2017 and manages a team of resident advisors working in one of our inpatient facilities. Ben has been working in treatment since 2015 and loves seeing clients turn their lives around. Ben spends his free time playing guitar, cooking, and spending time in nature.

Roxie Konis RA
  • Roxie KonisLead Resident Advisor