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The Role of Peer Pressure in Addiction

Content reviewed by Gillian Bieler, LCSW, CSAT, Clinical Director at ARC Peer pressure is an inevitable aspect of living amongst other human...

All About the Twelve Steps

If you compare the number of people with a drug or alcohol addiction to those struggling with cancer, you will find...

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Could You Be Drinking Too Much, Too Often?

Drinking alcohol has been part of many cultures around the world and dates back thousands of years, maybe even as far...

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Why Do People Drink Alcohol?

Since the 1950s, researchers have examined people’s reasons for drinking alcohol. In various studies, self-reported motives for drinking alcohol have included:...


Helping Someone with Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a serious illness that can severely disrupt the lives of individuals and families. It can strain...