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Medication-Assisted Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), combined with counseling and behavior therapies, helps those recovering from alcohol use disorder (AUD) by relieving withdrawal symptoms…

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Healing from Cannabis Addiction

If you use cannabis and are thinking of stopping, you might be wondering what to expect if you quit. Cannabis is…

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A Brief Look at Treating Opioid Addiction
March 22, 2021

The United States has been facing an opioid epidemic ever since the 1990s. Bigger cities, such as Los Angeles, have dealt…

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3 Ways to Emotionally Prepare for Rehab
March 12, 2021

Deciding to seek out help for addiction is a significant step towards recovery. Although you may be ready for this next…

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Stopping the Cycle of Lying
March 6, 2021

If you have struggled with addiction, you most likely know the significant role that lying plays in enabling it to continue….

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Necessary Life Skills for Complete Recovery
March 2, 2021

Recovery is not just about learning how to heal from your addiction, although that is a significant and crucial part of…

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Heroin Withdrawal and Treatment
February 17, 2021

When it comes to heroin addiction, the only healthy way to find healing is to undergo treatment at a reputable facility…

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Is Willpower Enough to Beat Addiction?
February 12, 2021

Addiction is an issue that is not easy to cope with and can be difficult for those who don’t struggle to…

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The Specifics of Xanax Addiction
February 6, 2021

If you have ever been prescribed a benzodiazepine or know someone who has, you most likely have been educated on the…

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